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6.4 Response time
During the pilot operation, response time metric is highly related to the services that
activate alarms, especially alarms through SMS which is very much dependent on the
network operator and SMS service provider. In the beginning of the pilot operation, the SMS
service was assigned to normal level but since we observed delays in the delivery, the SMS
service level was changed. The problem related to SMS service has been solved by
subscribing to highest (and more expensive) service level of the SMS service provider.
6.5 Integration/openness
Integration of new hardware (especially sensors), requires some testing period in order to
get the correct information reading as expected, e.g. by configuration and correct
Integration of new software modules both on server and client side have been easily done in
ISISEMD system since the platform has been designed in such a way that the services
provided to end-user can evolve by providing API (Application Programming Interface) to
service/software developer.
6.6 Manageability/flexibility
The assessment of ISISEMD system for these two parameters show that the platform is very
easy and flexible to manage, i.e. in terms of adding/deleting new users, new services, new
home installations, and new regions/sub-regions, etc., since it has been designed to support
all these requirements. Furthermore, a user manual topic written in four different languages
(English, Finnish, Danish and Greek) has been provided as a guideline to regions and end
users in general.
7. Outcome from service validation of the common functionalities
of ISISEMD platform
We would like to argue for having carried out a good piece of work, overcoming a number
of challenges, and that the final services meet the user expectations and acceptances at a
high level supported by the outcome of the user evaluations. Overall, the care-givers were
satisfied with the services and consider them important for providing care. Most of the users
now state their wish for continuing to use the services after the project end. As suggested by
the user feedback, there is even stronger need for service personalisation so they can
function in a more intelligent and autonomous way.
Based on the continuous user feedback during the pilot operation, the services were
improved where possible. But due to the limited project lifetime and resources, not all
additional features suggested by the end-users as improvements could be implemented.
However, they can be used for further development of the service platform as a commercial
product. Subsequently, we emphasize on some of the suggestions that can be considered as
“wish list for the commercial system” by the regional partners and by the test persons. We
are of the interpretation that the following suggestions could improve the intelligence of the
service platform in the next version of the system.
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