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decrease in a number of antibodies depending on the physical activity, e.g., the
immunoglobulin secretion (IgA) is reduced over a long period of time especially after coffee
and alcohol. A simultaneous exposure to different ecological factors is known to have direct
and indirect profound effects on the human organism.
Fig. 20. Non-invasive LED analysis of saliva information patterns cleaning teeth
A geomagnetic factor connected with the Earth's magnetic field variability because of the
increased solar activity has the strongest impact on the human health in particular [10].
The solar variability changes emotional and functional human states and brings to chronic
diseases of nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems. There is a significant increase of
the metal content (K, Mg, P, Pb, Cu, and Zn) and a reduced concentration of Na in saliva
of men and women under the influence of the solar radiation exposure (Fig. 21) [10]. It
means that the solar radiation taken during sunbathing enables to change saliva
information patterns but also these ones for other human biomatters (blood, sweat, urine,
tears, etc.).
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