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These words are transformed, that is, declined in a same manner
Serial 3:
This serial includes the words of the feminine gender with ending of - ь (лошадь - horse,
мышь - mouse, дочь - daughter)
Serial 4:
Words with ending of -мя. There are only 10 words with such an ending in this language
and they are exceptions.
The operation of seriation in Russian is subject to declination of nouns. So, Serial 1 is subject
to the first declination; Serial 2 to the second declination; and Serial 3 to the second
declination. Serial 4 is an exception.
The operations of classification and seriation form “groups” and “groupings”. And with the
remaining operations are used to form “sub-groups” and “sub-groupings”.
The third major operation is the operation of alteration. It replaces a definition or a
word with another one. In the Russian grammar, it is equal to definitions of
synonyms, antonyms and homonyms.
The fourth operation is the operation of enrichment. It has relationship uniting
elements of one or another class, that is, equivalence.
For example: 1— школа (school), 2-новая (new); 1-- school), 3- одна (alone); 1—школа
(school), 4 моя (my) 1 -школа (school); 1- школа (school) 5—строится (to be built); 5—
строится (to be built) 6--- быстро (rapidly).
Multiple operations are those that are included to more than one system at a given
Note: For example: A category of declination, the number covers 1 --- 2 --- 3 ---4; and the
category of number covers 1---2---3—4---5.
As said above, the structures of knowledge are divided into invariant and variable ones.
Invariant structures of knowledge are the parts of speech or the “groups”.
Variable structures are categorical structures of knowledge.
Note: There are 10 categories of language in Russian.
While modeling subject knowledge, the invariant structures are placed in horizontals of
coordinate planes, but the variable ones are placed vertically. In this coordinate plate, the
parts of speech of 1,2,.....9,10 will be placed horizontally and1.2,3,.......10 language categories
will be placed vertically.
While the study process, the structures of the knowledge of formal logic model of a
language are subjected to logical operations of thinking.
Exactly these two important points - logical construction of knowledge and logical
operations transform these separate structures of knowledge into a logical model, which is
adequate to the way of building of thinking.
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