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Class 1: the words of feminine gender:
книга, земля, девочка, соня
book, land, girl, dormouse
Class 2: the words of masculine gender:
стол, ученик, юноша
table, student, youth
Class 3: the words of neuter gender:
знамя, поле, окно, время, солнце
flag, field, window, time, sun
Class 4: the words having two ways
конь, лошадь, мышь
foal, horse, mouse
Note: Identification of the gender of the words subject to Class 4 is performed through
transformation, that is, by changing of these words in terms of cases of the noun.
нет коня (masculine gender) нет лошади - feminine gender
There is no foal. There is no horse.
Class 5: It includes the words with ending of -мя; these words are declined as nouns of neuter
At the present case, the operation of classification coincides with division of nouns into
The second “grouping” is formed though the operation of seriation of appropriate
endings. The operation of seriation coincides with declination.
Note: There are three forms of declination in the grammar of Russian:
Form 1 includes the words with endings of - а , - я and ья;
Form 2 includes the words with no endings and endings of - ь;
Form 3 includes the words with endings of -о, -е and -ье.
Serial 1:
words with endings of -а,-я (книга (book) -feminine; земля (land) -feminine, девочка (girl)
-feminine, юноша (youth) - masculine, соня (dormouse) - feminine and masculine)
The words of this serial includes the nouns of feminine gender and some words of
masculine gender, with endings of -а and -я
Serial 2:
The words with no endings of the masculine gender and the words of the neuter gender
with endings of -о , -е, and -ье.
стол,ученик, поле, окно, солнце.
table, student, field, window, sun
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