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4. Click its Attach button and select Attach DWG… from the popup
list which appears when a left-click is held on the button. Select the
drawing of a spindle ( Fig13.dwg ) from the Select Reference fi le
dialog which appears followed by a click on the dialog's Open
button. This brings up the Attach External Reference dialog
( Fig. 10.16 ) showing Fig13 in its Name fi eld. Click the dialog's
OK button.
5. The spindle drawing appears on screen ready to be dragged into
position. Place it in position as indicated in Fig. 10.17.
Fig. 10.15
The External
References palette
Fig. 10.17
The spindle
in place in the original
Fig. 10.16
The Attach External Reference dialog
6. Save the drawing with its xref to its original fi le name.
7. Open Fig15.dwg and make changes as shown in Fig. 10.18.
8. Now reopen the original drawing. The external reference within
the drawing has changed in accordance with the alterations to the
spindle drawing. Fig. 10.19 shows the changes in the front view of
the original drawing.
Fig. 10.18
The revised
spindle.dwg drawing
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