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The theory is correct. You can find and test more
solutions for this bug, if you want to.
Whatever you do to fix a bug in Firefox 12 , you need
to check again that it displays correctly in the other
browsers you support (e.g. Chrome vs. Firefox ), unless
you use conditional comments.
Other options:
• declare a width for the right paragraph to limit it
at a specified size, so the Facebook icon doesn't
go on the right side, but on the left;
• what other solutions do you think can work here?
Switch to your index.html file and include a “ fr ” class
for the Twitter icon.
<p class=”floatright”>
<a href=”#” title=”#” class=”ico ico-facebook fl”>Facebook</a>
<a href=”#” title=”#” class=”ico ico-twitter nmr fr ”>Twitter</a>
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