Biomedical Engineering Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 9.17
Desktop BMR device. (Courtesy Nightingale-EOS Ltd)
medical devices by Nightingale-EOS Ltd and forms the basis of their n-Gauge™ coating
metrology tool. Transparent coatings and stand-alone membranes in the range ~0.1 μm to
150 μm can be measured in this way ( Figure 9.17 ).
9.4 Computer-Based Evaluation
The power of modern computers and associated software is at a level where many aspects of
a design can be evaluated virtually while it is self-evident that only final physical evaluation
gives a true picture, it is also true that the final evaluation need only be that, final. For example,
it is stated that the latest Airbus was designed and tested wholly on a computer. However, how
many people would believe it could fly until it actually did ( Figure 9.18 )? Computer-based
evaluation can be divided into the categories listed in Sections 9.4.1 to 9.4.5 below.
9.4.1 Animation
Many dynamic aspects of a device, such as mechanism movement, can be tested using the
built-in animation facilities within CAD packages. Animation is an extremely useful tool for
checking assembly and disassembly protocols.
9.4.2 Dynamic Simulation
Most modern CAD packages come with built-in motion simulation. This is powerful enough
to detect collisions and also to predict forces within use.
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