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Abandoned Village on the Great Blasket
(photo by the author)
Along the road from Tralee to Dingle, you'll go through the Conor Pass , a stunningly wild
mountain valley that lights up in stunning green from April to September. There are very
few trails in this area, but it's unbeatable for wilderness hiking. For a slightly more challen-
ging hike, head for Brandon Mountain on the northern side of the peninsula. This moun-
tain, held sacred by the ancient Celts, is the tallest in the region and offers some spectacu-
larly dramatic vistas.
The Blasket Islands
At the very western end of the Dingle Peninsula, beyond the cliffs of Slea Head, are the
abandoned islands known as the Blaskets. The Great Blasket Island was once home to a
proud community of Irish-speaking farmers who produced some of the best literature ever
written in Irish. Economic hardship forced the villagers to abandon their island in 1953,
and today it is home only to roving bands of feral sheep. But it is a spectacularly scenic
place, and the rolling hills of the Great Blasket Island offer glorious views of the surround-
ing waves. The Blasket Center , located in the mainland village of Dunquin, gives an ex-
cellent introduction to the islands' history and culture.
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