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Battlements of Ross Castle
(photo credit: Eire Sarah via Creative Commons)
For meals, the most traditional option is probably The Laurels on High Street. It's a com-
bination pub/restaurant, so it may get a little crowded in the late evenings, but for a lunch
or dinner it's got some of the best food in Killarney. There's also Treyvaud's right across
the street, which isn't on most tourists' radar screen, but serves an eclectic selection of
high-quality international fare. After dinner, if you're looking for a place to drink, try just
walking up and down High Street and the adjacent New Street. These two thoroughfares
have the majority of the town's pubs, and most are fairly small traditional pubs. The one
nightclub in Killarney is The Grand on Main Street, which combines a live music venue
(“The Bar”) with a disco dance hall (“The Club”).
Killarney National Park
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