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As Munster's largest city and the second largest in the Republic of Ireland, Cork is a city of
spectacular culture, unbelievable food, and a long and storied history. It's a veritable mecca
of backpackers from all over Europe and the United States, and also hosts plenty of more
upscale visitors in its high-end hotels and restaurants. The local campus, University College
Cork , is one of the largest in the region, so Cork definitely has the feel of a college town.
Getting In & Getting Around
Cork Airport is one of the major international airports in Ireland, and has regular flights
to and from cities across Britain and Europe. At the moment, there are no direct flights to
Cork from anywhere in the United States, so you'll probably end up flying through London
or another European city. Alternatively, you could fly into Dublin Airport and take a train,
which will add two or three hours to your journey.
If you're already in Ireland, it's very easy to get to Cork by either bus or train, although dir-
ect train routes are sometimes tough to find - to get into Cork, you'll probably have to take
a train first to Dublin.
Once you're in Cork, the city itself is extremely walkable, and all the key sights are located
within about a 1-mile radius of the city center. However, just like Dublin the city has local
buses and an excellent Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour . It also has excellent walking tours that
take in all the major sights with plenty of fresh air and a charming guide along the way.
Where to Stay
Cork is extremely popular with backpackers, so it's full of hostels that run around €10-20
per night. These include the especially inexpensive Kinlay House (just north of the river)
and the International Youth Hostel , a Hostelling International location with a pretty young
You'll also find mid-range hotels throughout the downtown area, all of which are pretty
much interchangeable. A few notable options include the Silver Springs Morans Hotel ,
which has useful business facilities for travelers who need to get work done while on the
road. There's also the Imperial Hotel Cork , which is the most centrally-located of the mid-
range hotels.
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