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Galway doesn't have much to offer in terms of its club scene (that's Dublin's specialty), but
it does have some of the best pubs in the world, as well as some great music venues.
Busker Browne's
This is one of the largest bars in Galway and, at about 400, one of the oldest still standing.
Live music most nights of the week, a vast selection of beers, and plenty of craic . Generally
more frequented by backpackers and vacationers than locals, it's a great place to meet new
friends and traveling companions.
Cooke's Thatch Bar
Most of Galway's traditional thatched-roof bars have been crowded out by more modern
construction, but Cooke's is still standing, and its unrivaled trad sessions are some of the
best music in all of Ireland. Walking in, you'll feel as if this place hasn't changed for 200
years, except for the photographs on the wall and the absence of a thick blanket of smoke
(indoor smoking was banned in Ireland back in 2004, forever altering the atmosphere of its
As its name suggests, Bierhaus is Galway's attempt to emulate a German drinking hall. It
serves a huge selection of craft beers as well as local Irish favorites, and features a rotating
roster of DJs and electronic music.
Monroe's Tavern
Traditional music most nights of the week, and on Tuesdays a rollicking evening of set dan-
cing. Dancers here tend to be fairly experienced, but if you're patient you may find someone
willing to show you the steps.
Roisin Dubh
Named for one of the most popular Irish folk songs, this modern venue hosts rock bands,
stand-up comedians, and alternative bands from all over the world - it's a nice juxtaposition
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