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Temple Bar District
Located just south of the river in the very heart of Dublin, the Temple Bar is famous (some
might say infamous) as the party capital of Ireland. Its bars are some of the most popular in
the country, and the streets practically flow with beer and whiskey. On weekends, the party
often spills out into the streets around midnight. It's a long way from the traditional drinking
environment of a place like the Brazen Head, but it's a great way to mingle with locals and
fellow travelers alike.
Early Evening around Temple Bar
(photo credit: Trevah via Wikimedia Commons)
For many years, there was no actual bar called “Temple Bar.” It was a good way to catch
people out, actually - if they asked you how to get to “the actual bar,” or asked a question
like “how's the drinking at the Temple Bar,” you'd know they didn't know the area very
well. Now, however, there actually is a place called The Temple Bar , at the corner of Essex
Street and Temple Lane.
One of the best and most dangerous things about pubs in the Temple Bar district is that many
of them have in-table beer taps . That means you don't have to go up to the bar to order
another round. Just grab the handle and pull! Beware: when the tap is in the middle of your
table, you will find yourself drinking A LOT more than you normally would, which is occa-
sionally unsafe, and almost always extremely expensive. The bar keeps track of how much
beer your table pours for itself, and they will charge you a premium at the end of the night.
Treat the tap as you would a hotel mini-bar - go nuts if you can afford it, but otherwise steer
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