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ience of strolling along the river, taking in the music of Irish life, is one of the most pleas-
ant aspects of any trip to Dublin.
Public transportation is available, of course, but it's generally geared more toward com-
muters than tourists. If you're looking to take in all of Dublin's sights within a short time,
one of the best options is a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour , which for about €20 will give you
access to any of the buses that circulate through the major tourist destinations. In addition
to convenient transportation, this also gives you the advantage of a professional tour guide.
There are also plenty of taxis in Dublin, and they're about as reliable as they would be in
other European capitals. Occasionally, you'll encounter a cab driver who wants to fleece
tourists by taking them on long, circuitous routes and overcharging at the end. This is un-
common, however, and is banned by the drivers' union. Should a driver attempt this con on
you, get in touch with the Independent Workers' Union, Dublin Taxi Drivers' Branch.
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