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For the truly time-strapped traveler, there are some domestic flights that will get you from
one end of Ireland to the other very quickly. The longest flight within the island, however,
is from Cork airport in the south all the way up to Belfast in Northern Ireland, a distance of
just over 200 miles. So the flight might save you a couple of hours in total, but it wouldn't
be much more than that, and you would miss out on all those miles of beautiful scenery out
your window!
Several spots in Ireland offer inexpensive ferries. This is a great way to visit the Aran Is-
lands, get from the Dingle Peninsula to Iveragh Peninsula (County Kerry), or go to Wales,
Scotland, or England for a day. There's also a direct ferry from Cork to Roscoff, France,
but it takes significantly longer than a flight.
By Foot
If you want to get a feel for the Irish landscape, there's no better option than walking.
Ireland is covered with world-class foot trails, from gently sloping coastlines to dramatic,
heart-pounding mountain summits. The best places to walk/hike are Counties Cork, Kerry,
Galway, Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal (more or less the whole of the western coast).
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