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Prices fluctuate a fair bit in Ireland for two reasons:
1) The Euro . Ireland is on the Euro, which has seen some instability recently
against the dollar. Things are more stable now than they were a few years ago, but
the Euro still fluctuates and this will determine the price of everything on the island,
from hotels and restaurants to taxis and souvenirs
2) The Irish economy . Again, things have improved recently, but the Irish economy
was hit extremely hard by the global downturn of 2008-09. The collapse of the
so-called “Celtic Tiger” caused a ruinous recession in Ireland, which created some
volatility in prices.
Despite these instabilities, you can plan a trip to Ireland around pretty much any sort of
Sample Budgets:
Backpacker (€35/day)
You're staying in large-occupancy rooms at the youth
hostel and getting around primarily by bus (or foot).
You generally eat modest meals or cook in the hostel
kitchen, and you mind your budget when you go out
drinking. Your primary activities include hiking, inde-
pendent sightseeing, photography, etc.
Tourist (€100/day)
You stay in mid-range or budget hotels with your own
room. You can eat at any standard restaurant, and your
alcohol budget is a little looser. Your activities include
theater performances, museums, and shopping, and
your primary mode of transportation is a combination
of busses and trains.
Jet-Setter (€200+)
You stay in the finest hotels and enjoy international
cuisine at high-end restaurants. At this budget level,
your options for activities and entertainment are pretty
much limitless.
Key prices (approximate):
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