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• Get on the underground and alight in East London, full of once dingy neigh-
borhoods that now burst with color, creativity, and England's modern mul-
ticulturalism. Wander down the Bangladeshi influenced Brick Lane, explore
graffiti covered pop-up shops and markets, and discover where real London-
ers go to hang out. (see Chapter 4: London)
• Dip your feet into the sand of Brighton beach and then experience the city's
desire to promote alternative culture. It's hard to find a more entertaining
night out than Brighton, then again, it's difficult to go ten minutes without
spotting something funky or weird along the open promenade. (see Chapter
5: Around London and Southeast England)
• Indulge in the ancient splendor of Bath, a city that's a living UNESCO World
Heritage site and a museum space of abbeys, arched bridges, glorious town-
houses, and Roman baths. For artistic beauty, few cities in the world can
match Bath's Georgian painting (see Chapter 6: Southwest England)
• Alight in Nottingham and feast your eyes on the juxtaposition of modern
England. You'll find old cathedrals, glistening shopping centers, cobbled
streets, and bustling city bars. It's all well off the tourist trail, just remember
to say “eyup duck,” the local slang for “hello.” (see Chapter 7: The Mid-
• Forgive the grey skies as you amble through the winding roads of the Lake
District, exploring green valleys punctuated by too many sheep and some se-
rene lakes. The landscape here is as English as a cup of tea, and it won't be
long before you're chatting with the locals about the weather (see Chapter 8:
The North)
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