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Welcome to England, a tiny island packed full of the extraordinary and the charming. Wel-
come to a country where no two experiences are the same. Gaze up at famous London land-
marks then wander through deserted forest and rolling farmland. Spend an afternoon in an
alternative working class suburb before enjoying an evening engrossed in Shakespeare. Dis-
cover the home of the Beatles and then discover the insides of a traditional English pub.
England offers something for everyone, yet at its heart, is a very authentic and quintessential
experience. Cream tea and scones, pork pies, flat caps, girls wearing short skirts in winter;
the country stoically maintains its bizarre traditions and peculiar styles. No matter how much
the scenery and accents change, an indelible imprint of Englishness follows you at every
But what is England? Even the locals aren't so sure. Perhaps the country of quaint village
greens and eating fish and chips along a pebbled beach. Maybe the chaotic buzz of the capit-
al, or the trendy neighborhoods you'll find on its outskirts. Is it the Queen and the wonderful
stately homes that dot the countryside? Manchester United, fried breakfasts, gothic cathed-
rals, Big Ben, cups of tea, more cups of tea, cobblestone streets of delight and intrigue; ex-
ploring England provides a continual immersion in both the famous and the unusual, the
idiosyncratic and the popular. But the country's greatest appeal is its size. England is tiny
and far smaller than most visitor's realize. Cramming a lot into a few days is relatively easy.
First timers are quickly enchanted, while regular visitors always have something new to dis-
This guidebook has a very English approach at its heart. It's straightforward and to the point,
providing the information you need to effectively plan and travel to the country. After all,
when there is so much to discover and decipher, you need a guide that doesn't waffle or me-
ander. Yet at the same time it likes to indulge in the eccentric, evoking authentic England
and ensuring you seek out everything from your English experience. Think of it as a local
holding your hand, guiding and revealing, but never demanding or forcing. Think of it as
a fish and chip packet getting warm on your lap, sitting by a log fire in a country pub, or
watching a musical in West End London. This guide is here to assist and support, but ensure
England is always your experience.
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