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Just outside the park, but visible from within, is Mount Errigal , the tallest mountain in
Donegal. Although it hardly rivals the mountains of County Kerry in terms of outright size
(it's only 2,464 feet high), its incredible shape and the steepness of its snow-covered slopes
make for an invigorating climb. Climbing the mountain in winter can be slightly treacher-
ous, but it's still possible. In addition, like so much of Donegal, the mountain almost devoid
of tourists.
In most places, the coast of Donegal is no less dramatic than its interior. The county is
ringed by stunning coastal cliffs, of which the most famous are located at Slieve League in
the far west of the county. In addition to the cliffs themselves, the site has crafts and artisin-
al foods that are worth the visit on their own.
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