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The Hound of Ulster
Cuchulainn Rides into Battle
(Painting by Joseph Christian Leyendecker, public domain)
Long before partition, before the British Empire - even before the Romans ever set foot
on the British Isles - Ulster was a flourishing civilization and the most powerful kingdom
on the island. And it was this culture that produced Ireland's most storied warrior, and
perhaps the most beloved hero in all of Irish mythology: Cuchulainn .
Cuchulainn (koo-HULL-ann) was a young boy in the fortress town of Emuin Macha. As a
child, he was frail and shy, and the other boys rejected him from their number. But Cuchu-
lainn was no ordinary child - he was the grandson of the Celtic God of Light, and he
would not be bullied for long. One day, when one of the boys was pushing him around to
the jeers of a few friends, Cuchulainn's temper broke and he suddenly transformed into a
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