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al Tour is definitely recommended, as this is the best way to understand the many stories
being depicted in these remarkable works of art.
Belfast Castle
Though technically not a castle, this regal home is a great way to see the city on a clear day.
It's located on a hill about four miles north of the city. The view from its top floors is truly
spectacular, and takes in miles of coastline along with the city itself and the rolling hills all
Giant's Causeway and Airds Snout
(Photo credit: Pam Fray via Creative Commons)
Giant's Causeway
Northern Ireland's coastline is famous for its scenic hills and gentle waves, but there's one
spot that eclipses all the rest in fame. The unique hexagonal columns of the Giant's Cause-
way in County Antrim attract thousands of visitors each year and are considered one of
the greatest natural treasures of the United Kingdom. They are also one of the natural won-
ders on the list of UNESCO World Her-itage Sites. Located about 40 miles north of Bel-
fast , the Causeway is easily reachable by buses and day tours.
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