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The Parador (116-118 Ormeau Rd)
Excellent jazz club with cocktails and a pleasant atmosphere. The live jazz happens on
Thursday nights, and the bar also offers a trivia game on Wednesday nights.
Key Sights in Belfast
Belfast City Hall
The City Hall is one of the most striking buildings in the city, and its magnificent green
dome is a perfect encapsulation of turn-of-the-century British architecture. The best way to
see City Hall may be from the huge Ferris wheel next door, which gives spectacular views
of the city and the surrounding countryside.
Titanic Quarter
In the late 19 th century, Belfast was one of the most important shipbuilding ports in the
United Kingdom, and the culmination of its industrial might was supposed to be the con-
struction of the world's first unsinkable ship - the Titanic. That star-crossed vessel was
built right in Belfast Harbor, and there are plenty of tour guides who will take you around
the drydocks and explain how the ship was constructed. You can also visit on your own, but
the harbor looks pretty nondescript if you don't have someone around to explain its details.
Palm House, Belfast Botanic Gardens
(Photo credit: Man Vyi via Wikimedia Commons)
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