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honimani 7, 8, 10
charopus 25, 26, 27, Cameroun
mackinnoni 26, 9 , 18, 22, 23, 25-27, Angola, Zambia
Madagascar, Comores
orib azus
aethiopsis 1
most of Afrotropical Region, Comores
desmondi 7-10, 13, 15, 17-20
thuraui 9 , 15-21
West to East Africa
in terjecta 6, 1200-1600 m
West Africa to Uganda, > 1200 m
Figure 8.3. Phylogeny and disribuion of species of the Papilio nireus group, after Hancock
(1984). Names in bold refer to Afromontane forest species. Numbers refer to the areas
listed in Table 8.1.
Onipholiotos (Lycaenidae). Another genus ofthe
Lipteninae. Its 29 species are enirely confined to
forest. Most species are found in Central Africa.
In East Africa the genus occurs in Uganda (9
species), Kenya (and adjoining Somalia; 2 spe-
cies) and Tanzania (the same two species as in
Kenya, plus the one in Appendix 8.2). One of the
species of Kenya and Tanzania is in East Africa
found mainly in the lowland forests near the coast
and it extends to the south as far as Natal; no
other species occur south of Tanzania.
Usambara Mountains or elsewhere in east
Baliochila (Lycaenidae). Sill another genus of the
Lipteninae, with 17 species disributed in wood-
lands and forests of EAT, from Kenya to Natal.
No records from Central or West Africa, except
or a single species from Liberia. In addiion to
the species in Appendix 8.2, 12 more species have
been recorded from the study area.
Aslauga (Lycaenidae). This and the remammg
genera of the Lycaenidae belong to subfamilies
that are not restricted to Africa. Aslauga is mainly
West African, with eight species in lowland forest
and one in woodland, the latter having a wider
distribuion, rom Gabon to Kenya and south to
the Cape Province (not certain if this is all one
Mimacraea (Lycaenidae). Sill anoher genus of
the Lipteninae, with 18 species in forests of West,
Central and East Africa; one species lives in
woodland in East Africa and extends southward to
Zimbabwe. In addiion to M. gelinia six more spe-
cies occur in the study area, but none in the
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