HTML and CSS Reference
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a list of <article> s. Because <section> isn't appropriate here, if
there is a need to wrap all the articles with an element for styl-
ing purposes, you'd use the semantically empty <div> element.
There is one featured article that consists mostly of an image, pre-
sumably because it's the most striking image available ( Figure 2.17 ).
FIguRE 2.17 The featured
This remains simply an <article> , although you might need a
class or id to allow special styling.
Below the featured article, you have some sections that aren't
the top stories; there is less information on the homepage, and
they're primarily, but not solely, links to other pages. Each has
its own heading (“Best of,” “Latest multimedia,”
“What you're saying”), and then a group of articles. The natural
elements are therefore <article> s within <section> s:
<h2>Best of</h2>
<h3>Is Britain broken?</h3>
<h3>Notes and queries</h3>
<h3>Tech Weekly live: Personal privacy</h3>
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