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Estelle Weyl has a good analogy at
html5-section-v-article : “Think of a newspaper. The paper
comes in sections. You have the sports section, real estate sec-
tion, maybe home & garden section, etc. Each of those sections,
in turn, has articles in it. And, some of those articles are divided
into sections themselves.
In other words, you can have parent <section> s with nested
<article> s that in turn have one or many <section> s. Not all
pages' documents need these, but it is perfectly acceptable and
correct to nest this way.”
NoTE All of your which-
choose conundrums are easily
solved with “The Amazing
HTML5 Doctor Easily Confused
HTML5 Element Flowchart
of Enlightenment!” at .
Case study:
Let's continue with the newspaper theme and look at a real
site and work out where you would use the new structures.
Figure 2.12 shows a screenshot from my favourite newspaper,
the Guardian ( ) . Let's see how this could
be represented in HTML5.
FIguRE 2.12 The Guardian
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