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Does the “Vital caveat about the information above” refer to the
whole article, that is, everything under the introductory <h1> , or
does it refer only to the information under the preceding <h2>
(“Fan Club uniforms”)? In HTML 4, that paragraph would fall
under the <h2> , and there's no easy way to semantically change
this. In HTML5, the <section> element makes its meaning unam-
biguous (which is what we really mean as web developers when
we use the word “semantic”):
<h1>Rules for Munchkins</h1>
<h2>Yellow Brick Road</h2>
<p>It is vital that Dorothy follows it—so no selling
¬ bricks as “souvenirs”</p>
<h2>Fan Club uniforms</h2>
<p>All Munchkins are obliged to wear their “I'm a friend
¬ of Dorothy!” t-shirt when representing the club</p>
<p><strong>Vital caveat about the information above:
¬ does not apply on the first Thursday of the month.
¬ </strong></p>
Figure 2.10 illustrates this diagrammatically.
FIguRE 2.10 Now you can see
that the vital caveat refers to
the whole <article> .
section (Yellow Brick Road)
section (Fan Club uniforms)
<strong>Vital caveat</strong>
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