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Sectioning roots
Note that certain elements— <blockquote> , <body> , <details> ,
<fieldset> , <figure> , <td> —are said to be sectioning roots, and
can have their own outlines, but the sections and headings
inside these elements do not contribute to the outlines of their
ancestors. This is because, for example, you could quote several
sections of an article in a <blockquote> , but those quoted sec-
tions don't form part of the overall document outline.
In the following example:
<h1>Unicorns and butterflies</h1>
<h2>Main nav</h2>
<h2>Fairies love rainbows!</h2>
<p>According to Mr Snuggles the fluffy kitten, fairies
¬ like:</p>
<h3>Pretty dainty things</h3>
<p>Fairies love rainbows, ribbons, and ballet shoes</p>
<p>Fairies favour Kalashnikovs, flick knives, and
¬ depleted uranium missiles</p>
the outline does not include the contents of blockquote :
( Figure 2.9 ).
FIguRE 2.9 The outline
does not include content in a
sectioning root.
1. Unicorns and butterflies
1. Main nav
2. Fairies love rainbows!
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