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<p>I'm throwing a party at Dr Einstein's Cabaret
¬ Roller-disco Bierkeller Pizza-parlour-a-gogo. Do come
¬ and dance to Rusty Trombone's Swingin' Brass Band.
¬ (Formal dress and lewd hat required.)</p>
<footer>Published in the Parrtay!! category by Bruce
¬ </footer>
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Comment from <a href=””>Remy
¬ Sharp</a> at <time datetime=”2010-05-01T08:45Z”>
¬ 8.45 on 1 May 2010</time>
<p>I'll be there. I very much enjoy a bit of Rusty
¬ Trombone.</p>
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Comment from <a href=””>Patrick
¬ Lauke</a> at <time datetime=”2010-05-02T10:45Z”>10.45
¬ on 2 May 2010</time>
<p>Sorry mate. Am off to Bath to see TubaGirl.</p>
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Working with HTML5 outlines
Some word processing applications have a function to show you
the outline of a document. For example, Figure 2.4 shows this
chapter in Microsoft Word 2007's outline view.
FIguRE 2.4 Microsoft Word
2007's outline view.
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