HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Bruce Lawson
Now THAT You'VE marked up the main page land-
marks with HTML5 and seen how a document's outline
can be structured, this lesson looks deeper to show how
you can further structure your main content.
To d To t h i s , y To u ' l l m a r k u p a t y p i c a l b l To g w i t h H T M L 5 .
We've chosen a blog because over 70 percent of web
professionals have a blog (
alasurvey2008 ), and everyone has seen one. It's also a
good archetype of modern websites with headers, footers,
sidebars, multiple navigation areas, and a form, whether
it's a blog, a news site, or a brochure site (with products
instead of news pieces). We'll then move on to a case
study with a real website to see where you would use the
new structures, followed by a look at new elements and
global attributes.
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