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No doubt you're already thinking, “This sounds complicated.” It
is and it isn't. Once you're a dab hand at offline apps, it's easy.
But how do you debug when you have your first run-in with it
not working?
Browser debug tools vary widely, and as much as we'd love all
their tools to work the same, sometimes it's just easier to add
the debug information to our development process.
Currently the best tool I've come across is Google Chrome's
web inspector, specifically because it reports the progress of the
application caching, but also tells me whether it's using a local
version or not.
Figure 7.4 is, which uses the appcache to work
offline. This is the output in Chrome's web console when we
visit for the first time:
FIguRE 7.4 jsconsole
being loaded for the first
time in Google Chrome, .
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