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However, it's still early days, and as a developer, the simplicity of
working with IndexedDB has a much nicer feeling than Web SQL
Database—or certainly for this developer it does.
In this chapter, you learned about three different APIs for storing
data locally in the browser that beat the pants off using cookies.
These storage APIs allow you to store a lot more data than the
traditional cookie and make the associated programming a lot
easier than before. On top of that, the Web Storage API has
really good support in all the latest browsers (and older brows-
ers can be supported using JavaScript).
In this humble author's opinion, although Web SQL Database
is depreciated, it'll be here for some time—mostly because
web giant's like Google use this technology in Gmail and they
make browsers.
However, IndexedDB is very close to stable implementations
and support could well overthrow Web SQL Database alto-
gether. That said, if there's a limit of only 5 MB in IndexedDB
and there's no way to increase that—Web Storage has 5 MB too,
and it's dirt easy to develop with.
Whichever API you choose, it means you can drop the awful and
stale cookies of today!
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