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menu(std::shared_ptr<core> core, const std::shared_ptr<DirectX::SpriteFont>& font, const std::shared_ptr<DirectX::SpriteBatch>&
: control(core, font, spriteBatch)
, m_currentItem(nullptr)
, m_currentItemIndex(SIZE_MAX)
void AddItem(std::shared_ptr<iitem> item);
virtual void InternalDraw();
virtual bool HandleInput(float deltaTime, const input::input_state& inputState);
typedef event_handler<control&> menu_event;
menu_event& OnSelection() { return m_onSelection; }
menu_event& OnAccept() { return m_onAccept; }
menu_event& OnCancel() { return m_onCancel; }
bool m_wrapAround;
menu_event m_onSelection;
menu_event m_onAccept;
menu_event m_onCancel;
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<iitem>> m_items;
size_t m_currentItemIndex;
std::shared_ptr<iitem> m_currentItem;
For the menu we will use a vector as the container for our items, this will allow us to work
with it using an index as we cycle through menu options. What is important when working
accepted. Some menus may also be cancelled through an option to close the menu or by
pressing a gamepad button.
The menu input will be handled to support the up and down arrows for navigation of the
menu, enter for accepting a menu item and escape to exit the menu.
bool menu::HandleInput(float deltaTime, const input::input_state& inputState)
auto keyboard = inputState.GetKeyboard();
if ( keyboard != nullptr )
if ( keyboard->KeyPressed(DIK_UP) )
if ( m_wrapAround && (m_currentItemIndex == SIZE_MAX || m_currentItemIndex == 0 ))
m_currentItemIndex = m_items.size() - 1;
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