HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
The easy part is now out of the way. Now, let's tap into the power of CSS and JavasScript (via
jQuery) to really illustrate what the numbers are telling us. Technically, our aim is to create a
graph that works in all modern browsers, from IE 8 on.
Did I say all modern browsers? IE 8 is lucky: it gets to hang out with the cool kids. Browsers
that support CSS3 will get a few extra sprinkles.
“By Your Powers Combined…”
If you wish to summon Captain Planet , you may have to look elsewhere . If you want
to learn how to combine CSS and jQuery to create a graph that illustrates our impending doom
at the hands of a growing army of zombies who prefer bronzer over brains, then read on.
The first thing to do is style our table with some basic CSS. This is a nice safety net for people
who haven't enabled JavaScript in their browser.
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