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File Opening and Closing: fclose fopen
Unformatted I/O:
Formatted I/O:
File Positioning:
feof fseek
ferror ftell
String Conversion:
sprintf sscanf
10 Directories
When you type a string of characters, say asdf at the matlab prompt
and press return, matlab goes through the following sequence to try to
make sense of what you typed:
1. Look for a variable called asdf ;
2. Look for a built in matlab function called asdf ;
3. Look in the current directory for an m-file called asdf.m ;
4. Look in the directories specified by the matlab search path for an
m-file called asdf.m .
The following commands are useful for working with different directories
in matlab:
cd Change to another directory
pwd Display (print) current working directory
dir Display contents of current working directory
what Display matlab-relevant files
in current working directory
which Display directory containing specified function
type Display file in the matlab window
path Display or change the search path
addpath Add directory to the search path
Remove directory from the search path
If the directory name contains a blank space, enclose it in single quotes:
dir 'my documents'
(On PCs or Macintoshes you can use the Path Browser GUI to manipu-
late the path. Select 'File'
'Set Path' or click the Path Browser button
on the tool bar.)
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