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x = 0:.1:2*pi;
y = sin(x);
The first line uses the colon operator to generate a vector x of numbers
running between 0 and 2 π with increment 0.1. The second line calculates
the sine of this array of numbers, and calls the result y . The third line
produces a plot of y against x . Go ahead and produce the plot. You
should get a separate window displaying this plot. We have done in three
lines of matlab what it took us seven lines to do using the Fortran
program above.
2 Typing into MATLAB
2.1 Command Line Editing
If you make a mistake when entering a matlab command, you do not
have to type the whole line again. The arrow keys can be used to save
much typing:
ctrl-p Recall previous line
ctrl-n Recall next line
ctrl-b Move back one character
ctrl-f Move forward one character
ctrl-r Move right one word
ctrl-l Move left one word
home ctrl-a Move to beginning of line
end ctrl-e Move to end of line
esc ctrl-u Clear line
del ctrl-d Delete character at cursor
backspace ctrl-h Delete character before cursor
ctrl-k Delete (kill) to end of line
If you finish editing in the middle of a line, you do not have to put the
cursor at the end of the line before pressing the return key; you can press
return when the cursor is anywhere on the command line.
2.2 Smart Recall
Repeated use of the
key recalls earlier commands. If you type the
first few characters of a previous command and then press the
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