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but it will be high quality when printed. Bitmaps do appear on the
screen, but are lower quality when printed.
Bitmap Import On PCs choose matlab's -dmeta option when using
the print command to produce a file with the extension .emf . Then
from CorelDraw select “File”
“Import ... ” to get a file finder dia-
log box. Select the .emf file you created with matlab and choose the
“Windows Metafile (WMF)” option in the “Files of Type” box. Click
the “Import” button and CorelDraw will return you to your document
where you must drag out a rectangle to define the size of the imported
graphic. Once you drag the rectangle, the matlab graphic will appear
in bitmap form.
VectorGraphicImport Another option with CorelDraw is to import
an HPGL file printed using the -dhpgl option from matlab. This is a
format designed for Hewlett-Packard pen plotters, and has the advantage
that the imported image can be edited from within CorelDraw. Follow
the steps as for bitmaps above, but use the “HPGL Plotter File (PLT)”
option in the “Files of Type” box. You have the option here of changing
the pen colours used by CorelDraw's emulation of an HP pen plotter.
This format works well for graphics that could easily be plotted on a
pen plotter. Line drawings work well but images do not. Surface plots
are initially imported with no hidden line removal, but if you change the
fill colour to white with CorelDraw, hidden lines will be removed. To do
this fill colour change, ungroup the graphic, select the surface, click the
right mouse button, and choose “Properties”, then choose white as the
fill colour. If you have problems importing with this format, try opening
the .hgl file in a text editor and deleting the last line.
36 Irregular Grids
In this section we discuss how to deal with data that is defined over
an irregular grid. In Section 7.6 on page 32 we saw how do handle
nonrectangular grids, but these were still regular in the sense that the
x and y data grids could be defined using rectangular matrices (though
the resulting geometrical domains did not have to be rectangles).
Some irregular three-dimensional data is supplied with matlab in
the data file seamount.mat . Load the data and plot the points:
>> load seamount
>> whos
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