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controlled by guide and which are active (meaning that the uicontrols
are no longer moveable by guide). The buttons at the bottom of the
control panel allow you to select different uicontrols and then draw them
on the figure with the mouse. Clicking on the button with the picture of
a cursor arrow on it allows you to select objects in the controlled figure.
Exercise 20 As with any good GUI, reading about what it does
is not as effective as actually using it. Play with guide now and
see if you can make a spectacular GUI. This one might inspire
The property editor allows you to select an object, then view and
change its properties. If you type the first few unique characters into
the property box and press return, the property name will be auto-
matically completed
and the value will be
shown in the edit box.
You can select more
than one object, in
which case the val-
ues that any partic-
ular property has in
common for all the
selected objects will
be shown; values that
are different will be
indicated by question
marks. For example,
this property editor
has five radio buttons
selected, and their “position” property is being shown. The position
coordinates are the same except for the y position because all the buttons
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