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Basics of MATLAB
1 First Steps in MATLAB
1.1 Starting MATLAB
matlab is a software package that lets you do mathematics and compu-
tation, analyse data, develop algorithms, do simulation and modelling,
and produce graphical displays and graphical user interfaces.
To run matlab on a PC double-click on the matlab icon. To run
matlab on a unix system, type matlab at the prompt.
You get matlab to do things for you by typing in commands. mat-
lab prompts you with two greater-than signs ( >> ) when it is ready to
accept a command from you.
To end a matlab session type quit or exit at the matlab prompt.
You can type help at the matlab prompt, or pull down the Help
menu on a PC.
When starting matlab you should see a message:
To get started, type one of these commands: helpwin,
helpdesk, or demo
The various forms of help available are
helpwin Opens a matlab help GUI
helpdesk Opens a hypertext help browser
Starts the matlab demonstration
The complete documentation for matlab can be accessed from the
hypertext helpdesk. For example, clicking the link Full Documentation
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