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Figure 1-12. Code completion
Figure 1-12 shows the NetBeans code editor with a text cursor placed just after the “g” on the line:
Pressing Ctrl-space pops up a window showing all of the possible valid ways to complete that line.
This quick access to the JavaFX API will help you learn it. Other tools have code completion; it is just
their JavaFX support that is missing at this point.
Open Source Tools
While Adobe's tools have been mentioned as ways of creating content for JavaFX applications, there are
a number of excellent open source tools that can be used as well. Open source tools can be a great way to
get work done on the cheap. Here are a few tools, what they do, and how they contribute to JavaFX
An open source image-manipulation tool, GIMP runs on a huge number of platforms and has a feature
set similar to Adobe's Photoshop. It lacks a few features that make Photoshop users look down at GIMP.
However, for a beginner or someone who does not require the “missing” features, this image-editing
tool is simply invaluable. While there is no support for exporting JavaFX scene data directly, it does a
great job with PNG files, which JavaFX does a great job of rendering.
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