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The last function in Listing 7-3 is called progress and is used to calculate the total progress of each
Image in this ImageSequence . The progress of an image refers to how far along it is in its loading. For an
Image , a progress of 0.0 means it is not loaded, and a progress of 100.0 means it is loaded and ready to be
displayed. I think that the values should have ranged from 0.0 to 1.0, as that would be more consistent
with the rest of the JavaFX API. But since it is out of my power to change this, I decided to make the
progress function on ImageSequence consistent with that pattern. It returns a value with the range 0.0 to
100.0—just like Image . Taking advantage of the progress function enabled the Timeline checkProgress
from Listing 7-2 to indicate the percentage of images that were loaded.
The last class to look at is ImageSequenceView , which is used to actually put the images on the screen.
Listing 7-4 shows the details.
Listing 7-4. ImageSequenceView
public class ImageSequenceView extends Group{
public-init var imageSequence:ImageSequence;
public var currentImage:Integer on replace {
var lastImage:Integer = 0;
for (i in [0..imageSequence.imageCount-1]){
var image = imageSequence.images[i];
var imageView = ImageView{
image: image;
translateX: image.width/-2.0
translateY: image.height/-2.0
visible: false;
insert imageView into content;
currentImage = 0;
function updateImage():Void{
currentImage = currentImage mod imageSequence.imageCount;
content[lastImage].visible = false;
var currentImageView = content[currentImage];
currentImageView.visible = true;
lastImage = currentImage;
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