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developer's life easier and allows the designer to make a choice from a reasonably small set of good
options. The Interpolator presented in Listing 5-8 is an example of this type of simplification.
Listing 5-8. WindupOvershootInterpolator.fx
public var WINDUP_OVERSHOOT = PolynomialInterpolator{
coefficients: [-1.25564,6.842106,-4.586466]
public var OVERSHOOT = PolynomialInterpolator{
coefficients: [0.6992483,2.581203,-2.1804514]
public var WINDUP = PolynomialInterpolator{
coefficients: [-0.95488644,4.135338,-2.1804514]
public class WindupOvershootInterpolator extends PolynomialInterpolator{
The class WindupOvershootInterpolator extends PolynomialInterpolator and provides three static
instances. The values used in creating the static instances came from playing with the accompanying
demo application. Figure 5-7 shows the WINDUP _ OVERSHOOT interpolator, as OVERSHOOT and WINDUP are
simply the beginning and end of WINDUP_OVERSHOOT .
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