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The function curve simply adds up each term, increasing the power with each term. The screenshot
in Figure 5-6 shows just how interesting the curves can get.
Figure 5-6. Polynomial interpolation
Windup-Overshoot Interpolator
The custom interpolators defined up to this point allow a developer so specify a huge number of
different interpolations and this flexibility is wonderful. However, when designing an application, it is
desirable to have a few well-defined interpolators that are used over and over again. This example shows
how to take a powerful interpolator and create a handful of good choices, which can then be reused
whenever needed.
The ease in/out interpolators are examples of this kind of simplification; they are probably
implemented with the spline interpolator, but the API hides the details. All the designer and developer
know is that there are a number of pre-built interpolators that produce nice results. This makes the
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