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South Sanur
Sari Bundo (Map p140 ;
with a wide selection of paintings on offer, on
the main street and around Jl Pantai Sindhu.
Batik cloth is also easy to find. Sanur has a
plenty of tailors on the main strip if you want
something special made up.
Nogo (Map p140;
Hotel on Jl Hang Tuah. You can hail a bemo
anywhere along Jl Danau Tamblingan and Jl
Danau Poso.
Green bemo go along Jl Hang Tuah and up
Jl Hayam Wuruk to the Kereneng terminal in
Denpasar (5000Rp).
huge crowds of devotees, especially during
the Kuningan festival.
The only other reason to come here is for
the irregular surf break at the southern end
of the landfill area, where a row of warung
has appeared to provide food, drinks and
souvenirs (see p79 for details on surfing).
The wide road to the island branches off Jl
Ngurah Rai just east of the Benoa Harbour
turn-off - a booth at the end of the causeway
collects a 1000Rp fee.
West of Sanur are vast mangroves that stretch
almost to Kuta. Learn about this vital yet
abused resource at the Mangrove Information
Centre (Map p128 ;
281389; Jl Danau Poso; dishes
24hr) This spotless padang-style
joint is one of many down here. Choose from
arrays of fresh and very spicy food. The curry
chicken is the best in Sanur.
Cat & Fiddle (Map p140 ;
288765; Jl Danau Tamblingan 100)
Look for the wooden loom out front of this
classy store, which bills itself as the 'Bali Ikat
Centre'. The goods are gorgeous and easy to
savour in the air-con comfort.
Rare Angon (Map p140;
282218; Jl Cemara 36; dishes
25,000-50,000Rp) Look for Brit standards like fish
and chips on the menu at this open-air place
that's not surprisingly popular with expats.
Traditional breakfasts in the morning balance
live music many nights.
Many of Sanur's drinking establishments cater
to retired expats and are, thankfully for them,
air-conditioned. This is not a town where things
go late. Also note that many of the eating places
we've listed are good just for a drink.
Café Billiard (Map p140 ;
Public boats to Nusa Lembongan as well as
the Perama boat and the fast Scoot boat leave
from the northern end of Sanur beach. See
p152 for details.
288962; Jl Danau Tamblingan
17) A gallery with works from over a dozen
local artists. Many are often working right
in the shop.
Tourist Shuttle Bus
The Perama office (Map p140 ;
285592, Jl Hang
Clothing & Housewares
Ardana (Map p140 ;
7am-10pm) is at Warung Pojok
at the northern end of town. It runs shut-
tles to the following destinations, most only
once daily.
Tuah 39;
282360; Jl Danau Tamblingan)
Beautiful custom-made wicker furniture fills
a shady pavilion open to the road. Obviously
you'll want to try the merchandise out for
an extended period. If only they served gin
and tonics…
Gudang Keramik (Map p140 ;
Mon-Thu, 8am-2pm Fri) , a joint IndonesianJapanese
project. The centre studies ways to preserve the
health of mangroves, which are vital to filtering
much of the island's ever-growing run-off.
Although you get a sense of the money be-
hind the project, it already feels a bit sleepy.
Some of the exhibits are in little better shape
than the mangroves. Still there's a range of
interesting activities you can sign on for here.
A 1.5km boardwalk to the beach is sign-posted
with information. You can also engage a guide
and rent a four-person canoe (40,000Rp per
hour) or go on a boat ride (four people for
100,000Rp per hour) through the mangroves.
Look for the centre's signs 5km west of
Sanur. It's 1.5km south of Jl Ngurah Rai
Bali's main port is at the entrance of
Teluk Benoa (Benoa Bay), the wide but shal-
low bay east of the airport runway. Benoa
Harbour is on the northern side of the bay -
a square of docks and port buildings on re-
claimed land, linked to mainland Bali by a
2km causeway. It's referred to as Benoa port or
Benoa Harbour to distinguish it from Benoa
village, on the southern side of the bay.
Benoa Harbour is the port for tourist day-
trip boats to Nusa Lembongan and for Pelni
ships to other parts of Indonesia.
Visitors must pay a toll to go on the
causeway (1000Rp per vehicle). Public bemo
(5000Rp) leave from Sanglah terminal in Den-
726969; admission free;
281215; Jl Danau Poso;
noon-1am) This new place draws a well-
lubricated expat crowd who dominate the
billiards tables and toss down cheap drafts of
Heineken. It's the sort of merry place where
you lose your hat on the way home and
wake up wishing to be asleep.
Circle K (Map p140 ;
289363; Jl Danau Tam-
blingan) The outlet store for Jenggala Keramik
Bali in Jimbaran (see p130) has a amazing
prices on the firm's gorgeous tableware and
decorator items. What's called 'seconds' here
would be firsts everywhere else.
Mama + Leon (Map p140 ;
Candidasa 40,000Rp
Kuta 15,000Rp
Lovina 70,000Rp
Padangbai 40,000Rp
Ubud 30,000Rp
Bemo go up and down Jl Danau Tamblingan
and Jl Danau Poso for 3000Rp. Metered taxis
can be flagged down in the street, or call Bali
Taxi (
24hr) Don't laugh. The
reliable chain of convenience stores has an
outlet right here on the beach where you can
get a 7000Rp Bintang inside and sit at the pro-
vided tables outside. And there's no shortage
of salty snacks for purchase.
Jazz Bar & Grille (Map p140 ;
288044; Jl Danau Tamblin-
gan 99A) An upmarket women's fashion shop
specialising in cool, classic cuts and colours,
much of it made in Bali.
Putih Pino (Map p140 ;
701111) .
285892; Kompleks
Sanur 15, Jl Ngurah Rai; dishes 30,000-80,000Rp;
287889; Jl Danau Tamblingan)
For homewares try Putih Pino - it sells a range
of natural textiles and knick-knacks in an
exquisite setting.
) There's live jazz and/or pop most
nights. The international menu features Mexi-
can and Mediterranean dishes.
Kalimantan (Map p140;
Only about 250m offshore, south of Sanur,
Pulau Serangan (Turtle Island) is connected
to the mainland by a causeway and bridge.
This link, and a large area of landfill on the
eastern and southern sides of the island,
were part of a massive, abortive development
project associated with Soeharto's infamous
son Tommy. The earthworks obliterated the
island's sandy beaches and other features.
The island was named for the turtles that
used to lay eggs here, but no beach means
no turtles.
The island has two villages, Ponjok and
Dukuh, and an important temple, Pura Sak-
For souvenirs, try the numerous shops on the
main street, or one of the various 'art markets'.
Sanur Beach Market (Map p140; off Jl Segara Ayu) has
a wide selection. Pasar Sindhu Art Market (Map
p140; off Jl Danau Tamblingan) , the maze-like Shindu
Beach Market (Map p140; south of Jl Pantai Sindhu) and
Jaya Kesuma Art Market (Map p140; Jl Mertasani) have
numerous stalls selling T-shirts, sarongs,
woodcarvings and other dubious items.
Hardy's (p140) has a range of goods on its
second floor at very good prices.
289291; Jl Pantai Sindhu
11; dishes 15,000-55,000Rp) Also known as Borneo
Bob's, this veteran boozer is one of many
joints on this street popular with expats. It's a
relaxed place with a palm-tree shaded expanse
and offers cheap drinks. For food, enjoy Mexi-
can and Indonesian classics and steaks.
Lazer Sport Bar (Map p140;
288807; Jl Danau Tam-
noon-midnight) Adjoining the Zoo
Restaurant & Bar (p145), there are tables
under two big trees and live rock many nights
(sweaty stuff on TV too).
blingan 82;
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