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Benoa is one of Bali's multi-denominational
corners, with an interesting Chinese Buddhist
temple (Map p135), a mosque (Map p135 ) and
a Hindu temple (Map p135) within 100m. It's
an interesting little fishing town that makes
for a good stroll. On the dark side, however,
it is also the centre of Bali's illegal trade in
turtles (p70).
Amanusa (Map p135 ;
front of any, the staff will offer you escalating
inducements to step inside. Most will provide
Nyoman's Beer Garden (Map p135 ;
come spend your last hours with your friends
at Tragia.'
772333; www.amanresorts
) Overlooking
the golf course and beyond across the Badung
Strait, the Amanusa is one of Bali's best hotels.
The elegant, understated architecture, rich
decorations, superb service and brilliant views
are the province of just 35 individual villas.
Guests enjoy a private beach club.
The other major Nusa Dua resorts are as
Inna Putri Bali (Map p135 ;
.com; villas from US$650;
Getting There & Away
The fixed taxi fare from the airport is
85,000Rp; a metered taxi to the airport will
be much cheaper. Public bemo travel between
Denpasar's Tegal terminal and the terminal
at Bualu ( 10,000Rp ) . From Bualu, it's at least
a kilometre to the hotels - not that anyone
we know paying US$200 per night has ever
taken a bemo to Nusa Dua. Bemo run less
frequently from Denpasar's Batubulan ter-
minal (10,000Rp).
775746; Jl Pan-
tai Mengiat; dishes 25,000-50,000Rp) Some tables are in
and some are out at this lively place with a big
U-shaped bar. The handy menu has pictures
of the myriad of menu choices from pizza
mafioso to schnitzel to beef rendang.
El Pirata (Map p135 ;
776644; Jl Pantai Mengiat; dishes
25,000-60,000Rp) The place to get a pirate's favour-
ite vegetable: caRRRRots. The wide-ranging
menu at this simple joint means you can even
get mARRRRmalade with your toast.
Lotus Garden (Map p135 ;
Quite a few water-sports centres along Jl
Pratama offer daytime diving, cruises, wind-
surfing and water-skiing. Check equipment
and credentials before you sign up. Most have
a thatched-roof bar and restaurant attached
to their premises. Each morning convoys of
buses arrive from all over South Bali bring-
ing day-trippers to enjoy the calm waters and
various activities. By 10am parasailers float
over the water like a flock of egrets looking
for a place to land.
Among the established water sports op-
erators are Pandawa Marine Adventures (Map p135 ;
771020; www.putribali
.com; r from US$120;
) This 384-room resort
lacks the spark of other places. It's popular with value-
conscious tour groups.
Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa (Map p135 ;
773378; Jl Ngurah Rai;
dishes 25,000-70,000Rp) One of the higher qual-
ity options, this Lotus Garden branch serves
pizza, seafood and nicely presented Indo-
nesian dishes.
Watercourt (Map p135 ;
Getting Around
Find out what shuttle bus services your hotel
provides before you start calling taxis. A free
shuttle bus (; r from US$150;
The design of many of the 381 plush rooms has a curious
preponderance of walls where there could be windows.
Ayodya Resort (Map p135;
9am-10pm) connects all
Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa resort hotels
with the Bali Collection shopping centre
about every hour.
The peninsula of Tanjung Benoa extends
about 4km north from Nusa Dua to Benoa
village. It's flat and lined with resort hotels,
most of midrange calibre. The downturn
in Bali visitors has hit this area hard, with
many places now closed. However, it does
have one restaurant that makes the trip
Like beaches at Sanur and Nusa Dua, those
here are protected from waves by an offshore
reef. However, that has allowed a local beach
activities industry to flourish in the placid
waters. Overall Tanjung Benoa is a fairly
sedate place, especially at night.
771102; www.balihilton
771234; Grand Hyatt Bali;
.com; r from US$160;
) An enormous
place with 537 rooms (although it actually feels bigger) in
six-storey blocks, the Ayodya dropped the Hilton name in
2006. Lagoons covering the grounds are all for show - for
swimming use the okay pool.
Nikko Bali Resort (Map p128;
dinner) Surrounded by
ponds with lily pads, it is a romantic vision
at night with its hundreds of tea light candles
and twinkling lights. The Balinese food is
Terrace (Map p135 ;
dishes 80,000-200,000Rp;
778585; Jl Pratama) and Benoa Marine Recreation
(BMR; Map p135 ;
773377; www.nikko
772333; Amanusa; dishes 80,000-
771757; Jl Pratama). As if by magic,
all operators have similar prices.
Water sports include the following:
Banana-boat rides (per 15min US$25) Wild rides for
two as you try to maintain your grasp of the inflatable fruit
over the waves.
Diving With the operators mentioned, diving costs
US$80/100 for one or two dives around Tanjung Benoa,
including equipment rental; US$120 for two dives in
Tulamben; and about US$380 for a three-day Professional
Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) open-water course.
A minimum of two people is required for most dive trips
and courses.
Glass-bottomed boat trips (90-min tour with snack
US$35) The non-wet way to see the denizens of the
Jet-skiing (per 15min US$25) Big with people who like
to go fast and belch smoke.
Parasailing (per round US$25) Popular; you float above
the water while towed by a speedboat.
Snorkelling (per hr per person US$25) These trips
include equipment and a boat ride to a reef (minimum
two people).; r from US$150;
) About 3km
south of the enclave, the 16-storey, 390-room Nikko is
dramatically built down the side of an otherwise unspoiled
cliff facing the sea.
Melia Bali Soli (Map p135;
lunch & dinner) You'll be torn at this
restaurant between looking at the sweeping
view or the excellent Thai cuisine.
771510; www.meliabali
Most of the hotels offer Kecak and Legong
dances one or more nights. Hotel lounges also
often have live music, from crooners crooning
ballads to mellow rock bands.
.com; r from US$170;
) The resort has 489
contemporary rooms with a 'Bali Style' look. The large,
naturalistic pool is good and there is shade by the beach.
Club Med Bali (Map p135;
.com; 1-week all-inclusive from US$1000;
A walled enclave within the Nusa Dua walled enclave, the
Club Med has oodles of activities to keep guests
entertained and mere mortals out.
Just outside the resort, Bualu village has some
reasonably priced tourist shops.
Bali Collection (Map p135 ;
Restaurants in the hotels are in abundance
and many are quite good, although the prices
are high even by top-end Bali standards. For
people not staying at the hotels, the best reason
to venture in is if you want a bounteous Sunday
brunch at one of the international chains.
South of the enclave, the various warung at
the surfers' beach serve some very good and
typically fresh local standards.
Along Jl Pantai Mengiat, just outside the
central gate, South Gate, there are a string of
Orientation & Information
Restaurants and hotels are really strung out
along Jl Pratama, which runs the length of the
peninsula. It may be one of the most perilous
streets in South Bali for a stroll. From the
Nusa Dua north gate north to the Conrad
Hotel, there are no sidewalks and in many
places nowhere to walk but on the narrow
road, which also has blind curves. Fortunately,
the delightful beach promenade is a lovely
The police station is easy to find and ho-
771662) This shop-
ping centre has had numerous name changes.
The latest incarnation is mostly empty except
for the dozens of assistants in the small Sogo
Department Store. Although its problems
can be traced to the rigorous security and
closed nature of Nusa Dua, the isolation from
Balinese life means that it hasn't enjoyed the
boom in local shoppers experienced by other
island malls.
Tragia Shopping Centre (Map p135 ;
The Conrad Resort is the notable high-end
772170; Jl
Ngurah Rai) Has a variety store with an entire
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