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Almost every restaurant in Bali - from humbled to fabled - will have a few of
these classic dishes on the menu. Some can be found throughout Indonesia,
others are unique to Bali and/or Lombok.
air botol, aqua - bottled water
air minum - drinking water
arak - spirits distilled from palm sap
ayam - chicken
ayam taliwang - whole split chicken roasted over coconut husks served with a tomato-
chilli-lime dip (Lombok)
babi - pig
babi guling - spit-roast pig stuffed with a Balinese spice paste (Bali)
bakmi/mie goreng - rice-flour noodles fried with vegetables, and often meat and sauces
bakso ayam - light chicken soup with glass noodles and meatballs; a street-stall standard
bebek betutu - duck stuffed with Balinese spice paste, wrapped in coconut bark and banana
leaves and cooked all day over smouldering rice husks and coconut husks (Bali)
brem - a type of rice wine, distilled from white and black rice (Bali)
bubuh injin - black-rice pudding made from black sticky rice and served with coconut milk (Bali)
cap cai - stir-fried vegetables (Chinese)
cendol - coconut milk drink mixed with palm sugar and crushed ice
daging sapi - beef
dingin - cold
es campur - a mixture of sliced fresh fruit, coconut fruits, seaweed jelly and fermented cassava
served with shaved ice and sweet syrup
fu yung hai - a Chinese-style omelette with a sweet-and-sour sauce
gado-gado - steamed or salad vegetables tossed in a spicy peanut sauce
goreng - fried
isen - galangal, a gingerlike spice; also called laos and lengkuas
ikan - fish
jambu - guava
jeruk manis - orange
kacang - peanut
kari - curry
kelor - hot soup with vegetables (Lombok)
kentang - potatoes
kepiting - crab
kerupuk - rice crackers; also called krupuk
kodok - frog
kopi - coffee
krupuk udang - prawn crackers
lawar - a salad of chopped coconut, spices, meat (pork, chicken or liver) and sometimes blood
mangga - mango
mie kuah - noodle soup
nanas - pineapple
nangka - jackfruit
nasi campur - steamed rice served with a selection of meat and vegetable side dishes
nasi goreng - fried rice that includes Chinese greens and often meat; often served with satay
and a fried egg
nasi putih - plain white steamed rice
pahit - 'bitter'; word meaning 'no sugar' in tea or coffee
panas - hot (temperature)
rijsttafel - literally, rice table; a Dutch adaptation of an Indonesian banquet encompassing a
wide variety of dishes
sambal - chilli sauce or paste; contains chillies, garlic or shallots and salt
sares - chilli, coconut juice and banana-palm pith; sometimes mixed with chicken or meat (Lombok)
sate - grilled meat on skewers with peanut sauce; also spelled satay
sayur - vegetable
serebuk - vegetables mixed with grated coconut (Lombok)
serombotan - spicy salad of chilli, water spinach, bean sprouts, long beans, coconut milk and peanuts
soto ayam - light chicken soup
susu - milk
teh - tea
tempe - Indonesian soy-bean cake
timun urap - sliced cucumber with grated coconut, onion and garlic (Lombok)
tom - pounded duck, pork chicken or their livers, with spices and steamed in a banana leaves (Bali)
tuak - palm beer/wine
urab - greens with grated coconut, chilli, shallots and garlic
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