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langse - rectangular decorative hangings used in palaces
or temples
Legong - classic Balinese dance
legong - young girls who perform the Legong
leyak - evil spirit that can assume fantastic forms by the
use of black magic
lingam - phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva
lontar - specially prepared palm leaves
losmen - small Balinese hotel, often family-run
lukisan antic - antique paintings
lulur - body mask
lumbung - rice barn with a round roof; an architectural
symbol of Lombok
padi - growing rice plant
padmasana - temple shrine resembling a vacant chair;
a throne for the supreme god Sanghyang Widhi in the
manifestation of Siwa Raditya
pak - father; shortened form of bapak
pal ungan - shallow trough
palinggihs - temple shrines consisting of a simple, little
panca dewata - centre and four cardinal points in a
pande - blacksmiths; they are treated somewhat like a
caste in their own right
pantai - beach
pantun - ancient Malay poetical verse in rhyming
paras - a soft, grey volcanic stone used in stone carving
pasar - market
pasar malam - night market
pecalang - village or banjar police
pedanda - high priest
pekelan - ceremony where gold trinkets and objects are
thrown into the lake
pelabuhan - harbour; also called labuhan
Pelni - the national shipping line
pemangku - temple guardians and priests for temple
penjor - long bamboo pole with decorated end, arched
over the road or pathway during festivals or ceremonies
perbekel - government official in charge of a desa
perempuan - girl
pesmangku - priest for temple rituals
pitra yadna - cremation
plus plus - a combined tax and service charge of 21%
added by midrange and top-end accommodation and
pondok - simple lodging or hut
prada - cloth highlighted with gold leaf, or gold or silver
paint and thread
prahu - traditional Indonesian boat with outriggers
prasada - shrine; see also candi
prasasti - inscribed copper plates
pria - man; male
propinsi - province; Indonesia has 27 propinsi - Bali is a
propinsi , Lombok and its neighbouring island of Sumbawa
comprise propinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB)
puasa - to fast, or a fast
pulau - island; also called nusa
puputan - warrior's fight to the death; an honourable
but suicidal option when faced with an unbeatable enemy
pura - temple
pura dalem - temple of the dead
puri - palace
pusit kota - used on road signs to indicate the centre
of town
puskesmas - community health centre
tektekan - ceremonial procession
teluk - gulf or bay
tiing - bamboo
tirta - water
toya - water
transmigrasi - government programme of
trimurti - Hindu trinity
triwangsa - caste divided into three parts (Brahmana ,
Ksatriyasa and Wesia) ; means three people
trompong - drums
TU - Telepon Umum; a public telephone
tugu - lord of the ground
tukang prada - group of artisans who make temple
tukang wadah - group of artisans who make
cremation towers
rajah - lord or prince
Ramadan - Muslim month of fasting
Ramayana - one of the great Hindu holy books; these
stories form the keystone of many Balinese dances and tales
Rangda - widow-witch who represents evil in Balinese
theatre and dance
rebab - bowed lute
RRI - Radio Republik Indonesia; Indonesia's national radio
RSU or RSUP - Rumah Sakit Umum or Rumah Sakit
Umum Propinsi; a public hospital or provincial public
rumah makan - restaurant; literally 'eating place'
madia - the body
Mahabharata - one of the great Hindu holy books, the
epic poem tells of the battle between the Pandavas and
the Korawas
Majapahit - last great Hindu dynasty on Java
makan Padang - Padang food
mandi - Indonesian 'bath' consisting of a large water
tank from which you ladle cold water over yourself
manusa yadnya - ceremonies which mark the various
stages of Balinese life from before birth to after cremation
mapadik - marriage by request, as opposed to ngrorod
mata air panas - natural hot springs
meditasi - swimming and sunbathing
mekepung - traditional water buffalo races
meru - multiroofed shrines in Balinese temples; the name
comes from the Hindu holy mountain Mahameru
mobil - car
moksa - freedom from earthly desires
muncak - mouse deer
undagi - designer of a building, usually an architect-priest
utama - the head
sabuk - Four-metre-long scarf that holds the lambung
in place
sadkahyangan - 'world sanctuaries'; most sacred
saiban - temple or shrine offering
saka - Balinese calendar based on the lunar cycle; see
also wuku
sampian - palm-leaf decoration
Sasak - native of Lombok; also the language
sawah - individual rice field; see also subak
selandong - traditional scarf
selat - strait
sepeda - bicycle
sepeda motor - motorcycle
serambi - open veranda on a bale tani, the traditional
Lombok family house
Shiva - the creator and destroyer; one of the three great
Hindu gods
sinetron - soap operas
songket - silver- or gold-threaded cloth, hand-woven
using a floating weft technique
stupas - domes for housing Buddha relics
subak - village association that organises rice terraces
and shares out water for irrigation
Sudra - common caste to which the majority of Balinese
sungai - river
swah - world of gods
Vishnu - the preserver; one of the three great Hindu gods
wanita - woman; female
wantilan - large bale pavilion used for meetings,
performances and cockfights
waria - female impersonator, transvestite or transgendered;
combination of the words wanita and pria
waringin - large shady tree with drooping branches
which root to produce new trees; see banyan
warnet - warung with internet access
wartel - public telephone office; contraction of warung
warung - food stall
wayang kulit - leather puppet used in shadow puppet
plays; see also dalang
wayang wong - masked drama playing scenes from the
Wektu Telu - religion peculiar to Lombok; originated in
Bayan and combines many tenets of Islam and aspects of
other faiths
Wesia - military caste and most numerous of the Balinese
noble castes
WIB - Waktu Indonesia Barat; West Indonesia Time
wihara - monastery
WIT - Waktu Indonesia Tengah; Central Indonesia Time
wuku - Balinese calendar made up of 10 different weeks,
between one and 10 days long, all running concurrently;
see also saka
naga - mythical snakelike creature
ngrorod - marriage by elopement; see also mapadik
ngrupuk - great procession where ogoh-ogoh figures are
used to ward off evil spirits
nista - the legs
nusa - island; also called pulau
Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) - West Nusa Tenggara;
a province of Indonesia comprising the islands of Lombok
and Sumbawa
nyale - wormlike fish caught off Kuta, Lombok
Nyepi - major annual festival in the Hindu saka calendar,
this is a day of complete stillness after a night of chasing
out evil spirits
odalan - Balinese 'temple birthday' festival; held in every
temple annually, according to the wuku calendar, ie once
every 210 days
tahun - year
taksu - divine interpreter for the gods
tambulilingan - bumblebees
yeh - water; also river
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