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Dwarpala - guardian figure who keeps evil spirits at bay
in temples
jidur - large cylindrical drums played throughout Lombok
Jimny - small, jeeplike Suzuki vehicle; the usual type of
rental car
Jl - jalan; road or street
jukung - see prahu
endek - elegant fabric, like songket, but the weft threads
are predyed
For food and drink terms, see Eat Your
Words, p91.
bensin - petrol (gasoline)
beruga - communal meeting hall in Bali; open-sided
pavilion on Lombok
bhur - world of demons
bhwah - world of humans
Bima Suarga - a hero of the Mahabharata epic
bioskop - cinema
bokor - artisans; they produce the silver bowls used in
traditional ceremonies
Brahma - the creator; one of the trinity of Hindu
Brahmana - the caste of priests and the highest of
the Balinese castes; all priests are Brahmanas, but not all
Brahmanas are priests
bu - mother; shortened form of ibu
bukit - hill; also the name of Bali's southern peninsula
bulau - month
bupati - government official in charge of a kabupaten
buruga - thatched platforms on stilts
Gajah Mada - famous Majapahit prime minister who
defeated the last great king of Bali and extended
Majapahit power over the island
Galungan - great Balinese festival; an annual event in
the 210-day Balinese wuku calendar
gamelan - traditional Balinese orchestra, with mostly
percussion instruments like large xylophones and gongs;
also called a gong
Ganesha - Shiva's elephant-headed son
gang - alley or footpath
gangsa - xylophone-like instrument
Garuda - mythical man-bird creature, vehicle of Vishnu ;
modern symbol of Indonesia and the national airline
gedong - shrine
gendang beleq - a war dance; like the Oncer dance
gendong - street vendors who sell jamu, said to be a
cure-all tonic
gili - small island (Lombok)
goa - cave; also spelt gua
gong - see gamelan
gong gede - large orchestra; traditional form of the
gamelan with 35 to 40 musicians
gong kebyar - modern, popular form of a gonge gede,
with up to 25 instruments
gringsing - rare double ikat woven cloth
gua - cave; also spelt goa
gunung - mountain
gunung api - volcano
gusti - polite title for members of the Wesia caste
kabupaten - administrative districts (known as
regencies during Dutch rule)
kahyangan jagat - directional temples
kain - a length of material wrapped tightly around the
hips and waist, over a sarong
kain poleng - black-and-white chequered cloth
kaja - in the direction of the mountains; see also kelod
kaja-kangin - corner of the courtyard
kaki lima - food carts
kala - demonic face often seen over temple gateways
Kalendar Cetakan - Balinese calendar used to plan a
myriad of activities
kamben - a length of songket wrapped around the chest
for formal occasions
kampung - village or neighbourhood
kangin - sunrise
kantor - office
kantor imigrasi - immigration office
kantor pos - post office
Kawi - classical Javanese; the language of poetry
kebyar - a type of dance
Kecak - traditional Balinese dance; tells a tale from the
Ramayana about Prince Rama and Princess Sita
kecamatan - subdistrict; see also camat
kedais - coffee house
kelod - opposite of kaja; in the direction away from the
mountains and towards the sea
kelurahan - local government area
kemban - woman's breast-cloth
kempli - gong
kendang - drums
kepala desa - village head
kepeng - old Chinese coins with a hole in the centre
kori agung - gateway to the second courtyard in a
kota - city
kras - identified 'baddies' in an arja drama
kris - traditional dagger
Ksatriyasa - second Balinese caste
kuah - sunset side
kulkul - hollow tree-trunk drum used to sound a warning
or call meetings
adat - tradition, customs and manners
aling aling - gateway backed by a small wall
alus - identifiable 'goodies' in an arja drama
anak-anak - children
angker - evil power
angklung - portable form of the gamelan
anjing - dogs
apotik - pharmacy
arja - refined operatic form of Balinese theatre; also a
dance-drama, comparable to Western opera
Arjuna - a hero of the Mahabharata epic and a popular
temple gate guardian image
bahasa - language; Bahasa Indonesia is the national
language of Indonesia
bale - an open-sided pavilion with a steeply pitched
thatched roof
bale banjar - communal meeting place of a banjar; a
house for meetings and gamelan practice
bale gede - reception room or guesthouse in the home
of a wealthy Balinese
bale kambang - floating pavilion; a building surrounded
by a moat
bale tani - family house in Lombok; see also serambi
balian - see dukun
banjar - local division of a village consisting of all the
married adult males
banyan - a type of ficus tree, often considered holy; see
also waringin
bapak - father; also a polite form of address to any older
man; also pak
Barong - mythical lion-dog creature
Barong Tengkok - portable gamelan used for wedding
processions and circumcision ceremonies on Lombok
baten tegeh - decorated pyramids of fruit, rice cakes
and flowers
batik - process of colouring fabric by coating part of
the cloth with wax, dyeing it and melting the wax out;
the waxed part is not coloured, and repeated waxing and
dyeing builds up a pattern
batu bolong - rock with a hole
Bedaulu, Dalem - legendary last ruler of the Pejeng
cabang - large tanks used to store water for the dry
camat - government official in charge of a kecamatan
candi - shrine, originally of Javanese design; also known
as prasada
candi bentar - gateway entrance to a temple
caste - hereditary classes into which Hindu society is
divided. There are four castes: three branches of the
'nobility' (Brahmana, Ksatriyasa and Wesia) , and the
common people (Sudra)
cendrawasih - birds of paradise
cengceng - cymbals
cidomo - pony cart with car wheels (Lombok)
cucuk - gold headpieces
Hanuman - monkey god who plays a major part in the
harga biasa - standard price
harga turis - inflated price for tourists
homestay - small, family-run losmen
dalang - puppet master and storyteller in a wayang kulit
danau - lake
dangdut - pop music
desa - village
dewa - deity or supernatural spirit
dewi - goddess
Dewi Danau - goddess of the lakes
Dewi Sri - goddess of rice
dokar - pony cart; known as a cidomo on Lombok
dukun - 'witch doctor'; faith healer and herbal doctor;
ibu - mother; also a polite form of address to any older
Ida Bagus - honourable title for a male Brahmana
iders-iders - long painted scrolls used as temple decorations
ikat - cloth where a pattern is produced by dyeing the
individual threads before weaving; see also gringsing
Indra - king of the gods
labuhan - harbour; also called pelabuhan
laki-laki - boy
jalak putih - local name for Bali starling
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