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West Bali
West Bali is the sinuous bit of the island that runs in the shadow of the central string of
volcanoes. It is the least densely populated part of the island; much of the land is given
over to agriculture.
Many visitors hurtle through the region on their way to or from Java or to the incredible
dive locations in the Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park). This too is a shame
as West Bali has deep cultural significance. Near the wild beaches north of Seminyak, Pura
Tanah Lot is hugely popular for its clich├ęd role as a postcard-perfect temple at the sea.
Yet journey further west and you find the wonderful temple Pura Rambut Siwi, a vision in
limestone that honours the place where Nirartha landed in the 16th century. (He was rather
important; he shaped the Balinese faith.)
Make your own discoveries all along the coast. Untouched beaches uncurl like a ribbon
from horizon to horizon. Here and there surfers have staked their claims, but follow almost
any road to the sea and you'll find your own private sandy refuge. You'll know from the
waves that you can't swim but you can soak up the wild ambience while you gaze out
into the distance.
In fact, take just about any road at random in West Bali and see what you find. From
incredible rice terraces to tropical forest dropping fruit over the road, you'll luxuriate in
Pulau Menjangan
Discovering the serene sea temple of Pura
Rambut Siwi ( p278 )
Taman Nasional Bali Barat
Viewing the rice terraces at Pupuan ( p277 )
Exploring Bali's national park, Ta m a n
Nasional Bali Barat (p280), by foot or boat
Diving at the spectacular Pulau Menjangan
( p282 )
Pura Rambut Siwi
Driving through a huge acacia tree near
Manggissari ( p277 )
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