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Pulau Menjangan (p282), a two- to three-
hour drive west.
For a two-dive trip, including transport and
all equipment, expect to pay about US$35 for
a Lovina reef or night dive; and around US$50
to Amed, Tulamben or Pulau Menjangan.
Spice Dive
Gede Home Stay Bungalows (
The 24 rooms and 35 bungalow-style villas
have minibars and modern bathrooms. The
grounds are spacious and units are well sepa-
rated. The large pool area has good views.
41526; Jl Kubu Gem-
West of Kalibukbuk
Parma Hotel (
) The friendly staff at
this eight-room place are especially winsome.
Cheap rooms have cold water while better
ones have hot water and air-con.
Puspa Rama
bong; r 50,000-120,000Rp;
41555; Jl Raya Lovina; r 30,000-50,000Rp)
Maintenance here is as relaxed as the staff
but the six bungalow-style rooms are clean
and reasonably well protected from traffic
noise. Rooms that face the sandy beachfront
are great value.
Hotel Purnama
42070; Jl Kubu Gembong; s/d incl
breakfast 60,000/70,000Rp) This is one of several
cheap places on this street. The six rooms have
hot water and are set in lush grounds.
Nirwana Seaside Cottages (
41509; has
the best reputation locally. It runs four-dive
PADI open-water certificate courses for about
US$250. It is based at the pleasant Café Spice
(p267), at the end of the beach path.
41288; www.nirwana; bungalows 100,000-125,000Rp, deluxe r 210,000-
41043; Jl Raya Lovina; s/d
40,000/50,000Rp) One of the best deals on this
stretch has seven clean rooms with cold water.
The beach is a two-minute walk away.
Lovina Beach Hotel (
) On large and lovely beach-
front grounds, the 58-unit Nirwana sprawls
over a large site. The bungalows are a bit funky
and have hot water. Those with beach views
are a great deal. A newer wing has hotel-style
air-con rooms with satellite TV.
Bayu Kartika (
Anturan to Kalibukbuk
Jl Pantai Banyualit has many hotels, although
the beachfront area is not very inspiring.
41005; www.lovinabeachhotel
.com; Jl Raya Lovina; r 75,000-250,000Rp, bungalows 250,000Rp;
Generally, the water is clear and some parts of
the reef are quite good for snorkelling, though
the coral has been damaged by 'bleaching' and,
in places, by dynamite fishing. The best place
is to the west, a few-hundred metres offshore
from Billibo Beach Cottages. A boat trip will
cost about 40,000Rp per person for two people
for two hours, including equipment. Snorkel-
ling gear costs about 20,000Rp per day.
) Clean rooms in heavily detailed
Balinese bungalows are set in pleasant grounds
on the beach. Better ones come with hot water;
private bungalows have air-con and views.
Billibo Beach Cottages (
41566; Jl Pantai Banyualit; r US$10-35;
) In a mannered stone building, Suma
has views of the sea from its upstairs rooms.
The pool is large and naturalistic; there's also
a pleasant café.
Jl Ketepang; r 100,000-300,000Rp;
) There is a
range of 27 light and airy rooms here. The best
ones have air-con and ocean or pool views.
The sprawling grounds feature a small creek.
Sea Breeze Cabins (
41355; Jl Raya Lovina; r
) Located near one of the
best spots for snorkelling, the cottages here
are clean and comfortable with hot water and
good access to the beach.
A little over 10km from Singaraja, the 'cen-
tre' of Lovina is the village of Kalibukbuk.
Jl Ketapang is marginally quieter and more
pleasant than Jl Bina Ria. There are small
gangs (footpaths) lined with cheap places to
stay off both.
Harris Homestay (
41138; r US$15, bungalows
) An excellent choice in the heart
of Kalibukbuk, off Jl Bina Ria, the Sea Breeze
has three appealing bungalows right on the
beach, some with sensational views from their
verandas. The two rooms have cold water.
Bali Lovina Beach Cottages (
Araminth Spa (
Bali Taman Beach Resort (
0812 384 4655; Jl Ketapang; massage
10am-7pm) offers Balinese, Ayur-
veda, and foot massage in a simple but cute
from 80,000Rp;
/hotels/bali_taman; Jl Raya Lovina; r US$35-85;
41285; www.bali; Jl Raya Lovina; r US$25-35;
) The
26 rooms here are in mixed two-storey and
bungalow-style units. As always, the best ones
face the beach. The pool has an iconic dolphin
fountain and parts are shaded by large trees.
Rambutan Beach Cottages (
41152; Gang Binaria; s/d incl
breakfast 40,000-50,000Rp) This cosy little place is
part of a family compound. The cold-water
rooms have nice porches.
Hotel Angsoka (
Facing the busy road, but extending down to
the beach, the Bali Taman has 30 rooms that
vary greatly. The best ones are bungalows with
ocean views and satellite TV. The pool faces
the ocean and is surrounded by leafy gardens.
There's also a small spa.
Hotels are spread out along Jl Raya Lovina,
and on the side roads going off to the beach.
There are decent places to stay in every price
range and while Bali visitor numbers remain
down, bargains are commonplace and many
midrange places are rather cheap.
Anturan is largely a backpackers' beach
with a mellow charm. There are some nice
places grouped from Anturan to Kalibukbuk -
which is jammed with all manner of accom-
modation and services. West of Kalibukbuk
the hotel density again diminishes right along
with the beach.
41841;; Gang
Binaria; r 40,000-200,000Rp;
) There's a large
range of rooms here, from cold-water basic
to large with air-con and hot water. All enjoy
a good-sized pool, café and quiet gardens.
Pondok Elsa
41388; www.rambutan
) The hotel,
on a large area of land, features two swimming
pools and charming gardens. The 33 rooms
and villas are tasteful with lashings of Balinese
style. There are a few cold-water economy
rooms for 100,000Rp. Diversions include a
playground for kids and darts for adults.
.org; Jl Ketepang; r 300,000-500,000Rp;
Anturan to Kalibukbuk
This quiet area has several midrange choices
on little parallel lanes running to the beach.
Lupa-Lupa Lovina Cottages (
41186; Gang Binaria; r 50,000-
) This two-storey heavily ornate
building has seven clean, pleasant rooms;
three with air-con and hot water.
Taman Lily's (
41698; Jl Pantai; r
US$15-30) The name of the lane here is Beach
Rd and that says it. There are two rooms in a
two-storey bungalow and another large unit
on its own. The water is just a few metres from
your door. There's a quiet café nearby.
Hotel Banyualit (
Jl Ketapang; r from 75,000Rp) This has a friendly at-
mosphere and six good-value bungalow-style
rooms on a grassy, walled compound.
Puri Bali Hotel (
West of Kalibukbuk
Aditya Bungalows (
41059;; r
) There are 65 rooms at
this big place on a sandy beach. The best ones
have views of the ocean and all have a good
range of amenities and attractive bathrooms.
The large pool vies with the ocean for your
Nugraha Lovina (
41485;; Jl
Ketapang; r 80,000-180,000Rp;
41789;; Jl Pan-
tai Banyualit; r 150,000-450,000Rp;
) The pool area
is very attractive, with mature, lush plantings.
The better rooms, with hot water and air-con,
are simple but comfortable.
Rini Hotel
) Back from
the beach, the Banyualit has a lush garden
of snaking vines, flowers, statues and a large
pool. The 22 rooms offer great choice and
better ones come with satellite TV and other
amenities. There are also a couple of fan-only
economy rooms.
A few tiny side tracks and one proper sealed
road, Jl Kubu Gembong, lead to this lively
little fishing village, busy with swimming
locals and moored fishing boats. It's a real
travellers' hang-out. It's a long way from
/fax 41386;; Jl
Ketapang; r 80,000-300,000Rp;
41601; Jl Raya Lovina; r 450,000-
) This tidy 30-
room place has a large saltwater pool. Cheaper
) This modern oceanfront
hotel features lashings of Balinese detailing
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