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Fischer H, Siggaard-Andersen ML, Ruth U, Roethlisberger R, Wolff E (2007a) Glacial/Interglacial
changed in mineral dust and sea-salt records in polar ice cores: sources,
transport, and
deposition. Rev Geophys 45
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Andersen ML, Steffensen JP, Barbante C, Gaspari V, Gabrielli P, Wagenbach D (2007b)
Reconstruction of millenial changes in the dust emission, transport and regional sea ice coverage
using the deep EPICA ice cores from the Atlantic and the Indian sector of Antarctica. Earth
Planet Sci Lett 260:340
354. doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2007.06.014
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EPICA Dome C ice core. Nature 452:616
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last deglaciation. Clim Past 8:135
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