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E (precipitation minus evaporation; mm d 1 ) response to a
Fig. 2 a Annual mean P
50 %
AMOC slowdown under preindustrial boundary conditions. b Corresponding changes in annual
mean vertically integrated moisture transport (contour lines indicate the magnitude of transport;
kg m 1 s 1 )
the pre-industrial, early Holocene and glacial basic states show no differences
(<0.01 Sv) compared to their freshwater hosing counterparts. As shown in Fig. 2 b,
slightly enhanced vapor
uxes across Panama are compensated by eastward
anomalies further north. We therefore conclude that the cross-isthmus vapor
feedback on AMOC variations is negligible. Moreover, our results suggest that
changes in the rainfall and SSS patterns in the eastern tropical Paci
c provide no
straightforward information on changes in Atlantic-to-Paci
c moisture transport
across Central America.
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